Rehberg allows special interests to court his employees

Congressman’s staffers took more than 45 trips sponsored by special interests

BILLINGS, Mont.—While Dennis Rehberg admits he relies on DC lobbyistsfor information, disclosure reports reveal the multimillionaire Congressman allows special interests the opportunity to influence his employees too.

Public records show members of Rehberg’s congressional staff took part in more than 45 special interest-funded trips during Rehberg’s 12 years in Congress.  In fact, special interest groups spent almost $100,000 sending 14 different Rehberg staffers on luxury getaways.

The records show special interest groups treated Rehberg’s staff to luxury hotels and exotic mealsat top restaurants during their getaways.  Rehberg’s staff also enjoyed free gifts and even got their tips paid for—all on special interests’ dime.

Many special interest groups donated to Rehberg’s campaign after funding his staffers’ trips.  Some of them made campaign contributions just days after Rehberg’s employees returned home.

“By allowing his own taxpayer-funded employees special access to the special interests that fund his political campaign, Dennis Rehberg fails to hold himself accountable to Montana,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Dennis Rehberg’s willingness to trade influence with special interest groups for campaign kickbacks proves he puts the agenda of special interests ahead of Montana’s agenda.”

More information about Rehberg’s special interest-funded trips for employees is online HERE.

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