Rehberg admits Rove, Koch brothers help his campaign

Rehberg slips during interview: “I’ve had a lot of help”

BILLINGS, Mont.—Lobbyist-turned-Congressman Dennis Rehberg slipped during a radio interview this week, admitting that he has had “a lot of help” in his Senate campaign from secretive political mastermind Karl Rove and Big Oil billionaires Charles and David Koch.

Listen to Rehberg’s interview on the Philadelphia-based Hugh Hewitt Show


Rehberg admitted there is no more TV air-time to buy in Montana thanks to all of the money being spent on false attack ads by Rove and the Koch Brothers.

“Is there anything left to be bought though, Congressman?” Hewitt asked.  “I’m wondering, in the last 19 days here, is all the television time sold?”

“Yeah, it, it is—it’s all committed,” Rehberg replied. “I’ve had, you know, certainly a lot of help. You know, I’ve got—Karl Rove’s been in here and, and the Koch brothers and I’ve just gotten a lot of help.”

For months, Montanans have been bombarded with negative out-of-state ads falsely attacking Montana farmer Jon Tester.

Combined, Karl Rove’s organizations Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads are responsible for nearly $5.5 million in false attack ads—money spent in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s unpopular Citizens United decision.

In addition to spending millions flooding Montana’s airwaves for Rehberg, the Koch family—including Charles Koch, David Koch, their wives and their corporation—have personally contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Rehberg’s campaign, public records show.

Rehberg and Rove were last spotted together at an August fundraiser in Whitefish, Mont., that same day Crossroads GPS launched an attack ad against Tester.  Rehberg has yet to explain to Montanans what he did to avoid breaking the law that forbids independent groups from communicating with campaigns.

“Dennis Rehberg is going keep looking out for the out-of-state billionaires and special interests that are bankrolling his floundering campaign—not Montanans,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “The bottom line is that Dennis Rehberg’s special interest ties have led to irresponsible decisions that hurt Montanans.