Rehberg: A longtime supporter of privatizing Social Security

Rehberg: A longtime supporter of privatizing Social Security

Calling it a ‘failed system,’ Congressman supported ending Social Security ‘as we know it’

BILLINGS, Mont. – Today Americans mark Social Security’s 77th birthday.  But if Congressman Dennis Rehberg had his way, there wouldn’t be much to celebrate.

During his years in politics, Rehberg has a long history of pushing to privatize Social Security, cutting funding for the Social Security Administration, and voting against Social Security benefits for seniors.

As a congressional candidate, Rehberg said “he believes in privately investing Social Security funds” even though it forces recipients into “accepting a certain level of risk” [Associated Press, 10/12/00].

Just last year, Rehberg voted against a measure that would have protected Social Security and Medicare benefits from being privatized [HJR 48, Vote 178, 2/15/11].

In the midst of the recession, Rehberg could have strengthened Social Security benefits. Instead Rehberg voted against a bill that would help recipients combat the rising cost of living with a one-time $250 payment—while protecting tax cuts for fellow millionaires [CQ Today, 12/08/10; HR 5987, Vote 611, 12/08/10].

“Social Security is a sacred promise that serves one in five Montanans, and Dennis Rehberg broke that promise by supporting privatizing Social Security and irresponsible votes that hurt seniors,” said Tester campaign spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff.  “Montana deserves better than Congressman Rehberg’s wrong priorities.”

As head of a congressional committee that oversees health spending, Rehberg recently introduced a spending proposal that guts the Social Security Administration by $764 million.

Montana farmer Jon Tester has consistently opposed the privatization of Social Security.

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