Montanans expect accountability from Rehberg at tonight’s debate

Montanans deserve answers from Congressman about irresponsible decisions

BILLINGS, Mont. – During the first televised debate of Montana’s U.S. Senate race tonight, Montanans expect Lobbyist-turned-Congressman Dennis Rehberg to hold himself accountable for the irresponsible decisions he has made during his 12 years in Washington.

Tonight’s Billings Gazette debate between Rehberg and Montana farmer Jon Tester will begin at 7 p.m. MDT, and will be broadcast live nationwide on C-SPAN via Montana PBS.

Montanans deserve answers from Rehberg on questions that he consistently dodges, like the ones below:

  • If you told Montanans that you wouldn’t leave Washington without passing a Farm Bill, what are you doing here tonight?
  • Why have you consistently supported unpopular legislation, like the Patriot Act and your controversial land-grab bill, which expands the reach of bureaucrats and tramples on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens?
  • Why did you call Pell Grants– financial assistance that serve 24,000 Montana students ever year—“the welfare of the 21st century?” And why do you think the loans are “killing us?
  • Why do you repeatedly protect tax breaks for multinational companies that ship jobs overseas when we need good-paying jobs right here in Montana?

“Tonight’s debate will be an important opportunity for Congressman Dennis Rehberg to final hold himself accountable to the big issues that speak to his record of irresponsible decisions in Washington and here at home,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Jon Tester looks forward to the opportunity to have an honest discussion to talk about creating jobs, cutting the debt and deficit, and serving all Montanans—including women and veterans.”

Rehberg unexpectedly pulled out of the last scheduled debate in the U.S. Senate race—scheduled for June 24 in Whitefish.  Instead of debating Tester, Rehberg attended an out-of-state fundraiser instead.

Information on tonight’s debate in Billings:

SPONSORS: Billings Gazette, Montana State University-Billings

BROADCAST: C-SPAN, Montana PBS (TV), Yellowstone Public Radio, Northern Broadcasting (radio)

TIME: 7p – 8p Mountain Daylight Time

LOCATION: Petro Theater, Montana State University-Billings

SEATING: All seats first-come/first-serve; overflow seating in Student Union