Leading health research organization hits Rehberg’s reckless spending plan

Calls Congressman’s dangerous bill a “devastating attack on health research”

BILLINGS, Mont.— A leading national organization representing health research is hitting Congressman Dennis Rehberg for his reckless spending proposal that decimates medical research funding.

While protecting tax breaks for millionaires, Rehberg authored a perilous spending plan that AcademyHealth calls a “devastating attack on health research funding at a time when this work is most critically needed.”

Rehberg came up with the proposal as chairman of a key committee that oversees federal health spending.

AcademyHealth says Rehberg’s irresponsible cuts to medical research are penny-wise, pound foolish.

“Put plainly, this research (that Rehberg wants to cut) helps Americans get their money’s worth when it comes to health care,” said Dr. Lisa Simpson president and CEO of AcademyHealth. “We need more of it, not less.”

AcademyHealth is particularly concerned about Rehberg’s plan to completely eliminate the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality whose research is responsible for building higher-quality, higher-value healthcare.

Congressman Rehberg’s plan also zeros out funding for Title X, a federal initiative that provides cancer screenings, family planning and other life-saving health services to more than 27,000 Montanans.

Congressman Rehbeg’s shortsighted proposal also slashes $300 million in funding from community health centers and makes it harder to keep qualified nurses and doctors in the workforce.

AcademyHealth’s full statement on Congressman Rehberg’s spending bill is online HERE.