Karl Rove’s special interest group launches another false attack ad

Rove’s secret organization spending millions for Dennis Rehberg

Did Rove and Rehberg meet during Montana visit?

BILLINGS, Mont. – Karl Rove, President George W. Bush’s secretive political strategist, was in Montana as his special interest organization launched another TV ad campaign falsely attacking Montana farmer Jon Tester.

Rove’s latest ad, from the out-of-state organization Crossroads GPS, reminds Montanans that special interests are spending millions of dollars to try and buy Congressman Dennis Rehberg a seat in the U.S. Senate.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Crossroads GPS is bankrolled by a “small cadre of secret donors, including two dozen who wrote checks of $1 million or more.”

Last fall, the organization ran an ad so false, a Montana cable company pulled it off the air. The newest ad from Crossroads GPS is also blatantly misleading—attacking Jon Tester’s record of cutting taxes for middle-class families and small businesses.

Building on his record of protecting tax breaks for fellow millionaires while hurting working families, Rehberg last week voted for a plan that, according to the Los Angeles Times, “would raise taxes for millions of low-income households by ending tax breaks for families with children.” [H.R. 8, Vote #545, 8/1/12]

HERE is a full fact-check of Rove’s new pro-Rehberg TV ad.

Just this morning, Rove spoke to FOX News from Montana’s Flathead Valley. Congressman Dennis Rehberg was also in the Flathead Valley this morning.

“After spending millions of special interest dollars on behalf of Dennis Rehberg, it’s no surprise Karl Rove is visiting Montana to see what his secret money is getting him,” said Tester campaign spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “And it’s no surprise that Congressman Rehberg’s special interests are spending millions of dollars on false ads that lie about Jon Tester’s record.”