In new attack ad, Dennis Rehberg covers up his five pay raise votes

TO: Interested parties
FROM: Aaron Murphy, Montanans for Tester
RE: FACT CHECK: Rehberg’s broken pay-raise promise

Congressman’s pay raises break his own promise to Montanans

BILLINGS, Mont. – Apparently, the truth has hit a nerve for Congressman Dennis Rehberg.

Today the Congressman launched his third TV ad. And no surprise, it’s another slippery attack ad.

What is surprising is that Congressman Rehberg’s ad tries to cover up the fact that he voted five times to increase his own pay—after promising Montanans he “never will” accept a pay raise. (HERE is a Rehberg campaign flyer from 1996—during his first failed run for the U.S. Senate.)

We’ve put together THIS FACT CHECK of Rehberg’s new ad, including a complete rundown of Rehberg’s five votes to raise his own pay.

Congressman Rehberg thinks that fair criticism of his unpopular record amounts to “false attacks.”

There’s nothing false about the fact that Dennis Rehberg promised Montanans to never vote for or accept pay raises, then voted five times to raise his own pay. In fact, his annual salary is now $28,900 more than when he first took office.

Here’s an official statement from Montanans for Tester:

“After 12 years in Congress, Dennis Rehberg has forgotten who he works for.  He’s voted five times to increase his own pay, breaking his own promise to Montanans.  He leases not one, but two vehicles at taxpayer expense.  And he’s taken 13 luxury trips paid for by special interests.” –Tester campaign spokesman Aaron Murphy