Federal Election Commission threatens Rehberg

New documents: Incomplete reports could result in a campaign audit
Rehberg failed to disclose 1 out of 7 donors in latest report

BILLINGS, Mont. – As he tries to explain why he failed to disclose the occupations of one-out-seven campaign donors, two new documents from the Federal Election Commission reveal even more of Congressmen Dennis Rehberg’s pending violations of public disclosure rules.

As a Senate candidate, Rehberg tells Montanans he supports “100 percent transparency.”

But Rehberg’s irresponsible, haphazard bookkeeping forced the Federal Election Commission to send a warning letter asking Rehberg for more details.

Click HERE to read the FEC’s warning letter to Rehberg.

Rehberg faces a possible campaign audit if he fails to comply.

In May, the Federal Election Commission sent Rehberg another warning for failing to file a required pre-primary finance report on time during his contested primary election. Rehberg’s failure resulted in a notice and a threat of “penalties” or “legal enforcement action” from the Commission.

The Associated Press this week reports that Rehberg failed to identity the occupation of 1 in 7 campaign donors. Earlier this year, Rehberg got caught hiding $25,000 in donations from registered lobbyists.

Rehberg also refused to support the Disclose Act, saying the disclosure of expenditures by third-party entities that try to influence votes is “unnecessarily difficult.” Montana farmer Jon Tester fully supports the Disclose Act.

“After 12 years in DC, Congressman Dennis Rehberg no longer holds himself accountable to Montanans,” said Montanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy. “Congressman Rehberg’s failure to be transparent with Montanans is irresponsible and something you’d expect from a slick politician who’s been in DC for a long time.”