Family physicians criticize Rehberg’s spending bill

Organization has ‘serious concerns’ about Congressman’s controversial legislation

BILLINGS, Mont. – An organization representing nearly 106,000 family doctors is criticizing Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s controversial plan to wipe out medical research, preventative health programs to reduce cancer, heart disease, and other life-threatening diseases.

The American Academy of Family Physicians is one of many organizations that says it has “serious concerns” with Rehberg’s proposal.

We feel the provisions included in the proposed legislation are not supportive of your goal and ongoing efforts to improve quality and reduce the overall costs of health care,” the organization wrote Rehberg.

The American Academy of Family Physicians’ entire letter to Rehberg is online HERE.

As chairman of a committee that oversees federal spending for health and human services programs, Rehberg recently proposed drastic cuts to medical research and health care services—while protecting tax breaks for millionaires.

The American Academy of Family Physicians is particularly concerned with Rehberg’s proposal to terminate the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

“We feel this proposal is contrary to your desire to reduce costs in our nation’s health care system,” the physicians told Rehberg.

Rehberg’s unpopular legislation would also zero out funding for Title X, a federal initiative that provides cancer screenings, family planning and other life-saving health services to more than 27,000 Montanans.