FACT CHECK: Rehberg never independent from special interests

After endorsing Citizens United ruling, Congressman backs out of debate to attend out-of-state fundraisers

BILLINGS, Mont. – After a weekend of answering to out-of-state, special interest fundraisers, Congressman Dennis Rehberg is desperately trying to tell Montanans he is an “independent voice” for Montana in a new TV ad.

“After 12 years in Washington Congressman Rehberg has forgotten who he works for, and he’s never been independent from the special interests he does favors for,” said Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy.

A fact check of the new TV ad is online HERE.

During his career in Congress, Rehberg has enjoyed 13 luxury trips funded by lobbyists and other special interests—wining and dining at resort destinations in Italy, China and South America.  Full details are online at rehbergair.com.

Rehberg also aligned himself with special interests by endorsing the Supreme Court’s unpopular Citizens United decision, which allows special interests to spend unlimited, secret money to bankroll Rehberg’s political campaign.

Those corporate special interests are just returning the favor to Rehberg, who has voted repeatedly to encourage big companies to send American jobs overseas.

Rehberg also backed out of Sunday’s long-scheduled debate with Montana farmer Jon Tester in order to attend special interest fundraisers in Wyoming and Missouri.  The traditional debate was canceled due to Rehberg’s “no show.”

“Congressman Rehberg’s decision to put out-of-state check-cashing ahead of a debate about the issues is clear evidence that Congressman Rehberg has never been independent from special interests,” Murphy said.