FACT CHECK: Rehberg believes lobbyists (not businesses) are key to economy

New TV ad rings hollow after Congressman’s controversial comments
Rehberg’s ad comes only days after failing to pass a Farm Bill

BILLINGS, Mont. – Under fire after failing to pass a Farm Bill and telling a roomful of lobbyists that lobbyists—not small businesses—are the “solution” for turning around the U.S. economy, Congressman Dennis Rehberg is now teaming up with Washington insiders to try and change the topic.

In a new TV ad funded by Washington’s National Republican Senatorial Committee, Rehberg says small businesses are the “engine” of America’s economy (a fact check is online HERE). But when Rehberg thought he was off-record during a recent speech to the American League of Lobbyists, Rehberg gave the credit to lobbyists.

“I rely on you guys to tell me the information,” Rehberg, himself a former lobbyist, said.

As for small businesses, Rehberg’s new TV ad is too little, too late.

The ad comes only days after Rehberg allowed the U.S. House of Representatives to walk away from a Farm Bill, which provides certainty for countless Montana jobs. Because of Rehberg’s failure, the current Farm Bill will expire in just six days.

Rehberg has voted repeatedly to make it easier for American companies to ship jobs overseas, hurting small businesses across Montana.

“When Congressman Rehberg didn’t think Montanans were listening, he said lobbyists—not small businesses—were the solution to our economy,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “That, along with failing to pass a Farm Bill, is wrong for Montana. And now Congressman Rehberg is turning to his Washington friends to help him out of his mess.”

Montana farmer Jon Tester, a powerful advocate for Montana’s small businesses, worked across party lines to pass a bipartisan Farm Bill in June that saves taxpayers $23 billion.