Expect Sharp Contrast in First U.S. Senate Debate

Rehberg has not accepted Tester’s debate challenge

BILLINGS, Mont. – Montana farmer Jon Tester is ready to speak directly to Montanans about the sharp contrast between himself and multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg in Montana’s first 2012 U.S. Senate debate, to be held tomorrow in Big Sky, Montana.

Tester’s record of representing Montana values and making responsible decisions will contrast with Rehberg’s 12-year history of representing special interests and protecting tax breaks for millionaires and corporations while cutting services for Montana kids and seniors.

Tester’s second debate, confirmed to take place in Whitefish, Mont., on the morning of June 24, will be televised.

Tester last week challenged Rehberg and Libertarian candidate Dan Cox to six additional debates in the fall—in Butte, Helena, Great Falls, Billings, Missoula and Bozeman. Tester wants to ensure debates are widely broadcast to ensure coverage throughout the state.

Rehberg has not accepted Tester’s challenge.

“Congressman Dennis Rehberg should follow Jon’s lead because all Montanans deserve to hear an honest comparison between Jon, a Montana farmer, and Dennis Rehberg, a politician who’s spent the last 12 years in Washington,” said Montanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy. “Jon looks forward to comparing his record with Congressman Rehberg’s irresponsible support of tax breaks for millionaires while making decisions that have hurt Montana.”