Educators: Rehberg’s spending proposal “reflects the wrong priorities”

Organization chastise Congressman for plan that “implements the disastrous Ryan budget”

BILLINGS, Mont.— An organization of 3.2 million educators is chastising Congressman Dennis Rehberg for his decision to cut education funding by more than $1 billion below current levels.

The National Education Association says the spending proposal Rehberg recently introduced in his congressional committee “reflects the wrong priorities, choosing to slash funding and eliminate critical education, health, and labor programs.”

In a letter to Rehberg, the Association points out that education funding already took a huge hit and has contributed significantly to the bulk of deficit reduction.

The Association believes that Rehberg’s irresponsible plan undermines “critical investments in education, health, and labor programs that help strengthen the economy and ensure a strong competitive nation in the future.”

Rehberg’s spending plan would eliminate critical grants to public schools facing the greatest challenges, allow teachers who have not completed necessary training to enter the classroom, and make it easier for for-profit colleges to take advantage of Veteran’s receiving financial aid.

Rehberg agreed to implement the cuts dictated by the controversial budget proposed by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan.  The National Education Association is quick to point out that Rehberg’s proposal “effectively implements the disastrous Ryan budget plan.”

The proposal Rehberg introduced would also slash funding for medical research and make it harder to get and keep qualified nurses and doctors in the workforce. Rehberg’s plan also zeroes out funding for Title X, a federal initiative that provides cancer screenings, family planning and other life-saving health services to more than 27,000 Montanans.

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Prominent groups across the nation are criticizing Rehberg’s bill: