Dennis Rehberg cheats on his own biography

Under scrutiny, land developer strikes “cattle rancher” from his website

But Congressman caught still trying to call himself one

BILLINGS, Mont. – Real estate developer Dennis Rehberg is still telling Montanans he is a “cattle rancher”—even after his campaign recently struck the term from the Congressman’s online biography.

Despite repeated campaign trail claims, Rehberg is no longer a rancher. In fact, Rehberg has not bought or sold cattle on his family’s land near Billings, Mont., in over a decade. And the Rehbergs “don’t have livestock on their 2,500 acres of ranch land.” [Lee Newspapers, 2/12/2012]

Esquire reports Rehberg “is a rancher who doesn’t really ranch anymore.” Lee Newspapers reports the Congressman is “out of the day-to-day business of ranching.” Rehberg was later in the goat-herding business, but he even gave up goats more than three years ago. [Lee Newspapers, 4/25/2010]

After Montana farmer Jon Tester took Rehberg to task for cheating on his own biography during a recent debate in Big Sky, the term “cattle rancher” disappeared from Rehberg’s campaign website:


But today on the campaign trail, Rehberg is still trying to convince Montanans he is a “cattle rancher.” Here is a Rehberg campaign flier distributed at a county fair over the weekend:

Jon Tester, on the other hand, still makes a living off the same land homesteaded by his grandparents in 1912. Tester, with his wife Sharla, still plants and harvests his own crops every year, and sometimes works overnight to get his work done while maintaining an aggressive Senate schedule.

HERE is more information debunking the claim that Congressman Dennis Rehberg is a rancher.