Dennis doubles down on ‘wrong priorities,’ eliminates cancer screening again

Montana women blast Congressman’s unpopular proposal to cut health care services

25,000 MT women got health care from Title X clinics in 2010

BILLINGS, Mont. – Already under fire for trying to eliminate funding for cancer screenings, Congressman Dennis Rehberg is doubling down on his efforts to deny screenings and other health care services to tens of thousands of Montana women.

Rehberg, who chairs a Congressional committee responsible for funding health care, wants to zero out all funding for Title X. Rehberg voted to approve his own plan this morning.

Title X funds 26 clinics in Montana that 25,000 Montana women rely on for cancer screenings and other health care services. Breast cancer screenings and cervical cancer screenings are some of the life-saving health care services offered to women at Montana Title X clinics. Most of Montana’s Title X clinics have no ties to Planned Parenthood, which Rehberg also wants to eliminate funding for.

“This is politics at its worst: another out-of-touch, irresponsible decision by Congressman Dennis Rehberg that is very harmful to Montanans, all of whom deserve access to early cancer detection,” said Connie Brox, a cancer victim from Butte. “Congressman Rehberg has forgotten who he works for, and he isn’t looking out for us.”

Rehberg’s vote today comes as he tries to defend his first unpopular decision to eliminate Title X cancer screenings in 2011.

In a new TV ad, Montana cancer survivor Lisa Jones points out that Rehberg’s 2011 vote would have gutted funding for the clinic that saved her life—all while Rehberg voted to protect tax breaks for multimillionaires.

Women across Montana are demanding more responsible decisions from the longtime Congressman.

“Congressman Rehberg is once again turning his back on Montana women by putting his own special interests ahead of the life-saving health care for thousands of people,” said Holly Kaleczyc, co-chair of Women for Tester. “After 12 years in Congress, Dennis Rehberg’s wrong priorities are hurting Montana.”