Rehberg Games – The Head Start Straddle

Day 2: July 31, 2012

The Head Start Straddle

During his 12 long years in Congress, Dennis Rehberg has learned how to walk a balance beam, telling Montanans he supports important initiatives he votes against. This routine should come naturally to Congressman Rehberg, who knows a thing or two about gymnastics. But now Montanans are paying the price for Dennis Rehberg’s wrong priorities in Washington.

WARM-UP: Rep. Rehberg called Head Start a “terrific program” that “provides kids with the necessary tools to succeed.”

Congressman Rehberg was right back then. Head Start helps thousands of Montana children get a jump start on lifelong learning skills like reading and good nutrition.

Maybe that’s why Rehberg, in 2007, said “Head Start is a terrific program that provides a leg up for children and has tremendous support within local communities… Head Start provides kids with the necessary tools to succeed in school” [Office of Rep. Dennis Rehberg, 11/14/07]

DISMOUNT: Rep. Rehberg voted to gut Head Start, hurting hundreds of thousands of children—while protecting tax breaks for millionaires.

2011: Rep. Rehberg voted to gut Head Start by 20 percent—eliminating the initiative for 218,000 children and forcing 55,000 layoffs. In February 2011, Rehberg voted for legislation cutting Head Start nearly $1.1 billion from the previous year’s level. The Department of Health and Human Services would have to cut approximately 218,000 low-income children and their families, a cut of over 20 percent. This would involve laying off an estimated 55,000 teachers and related staff. [HR 1, Vote 147, 2/19/11;, 2/15/11]

LANDING: Dennis Rehberg stuck it… to Montana.