Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Tester does double-duty over August recess

While most congressmen can afford to use the August recess to travel internationally or tour their home states, one Montana senator uses part of the time to get his hands dirty.

For the past few weeks, Democratic Sen. Jon Tester has spent the daylight hours driving either a combine or a grain truck to bring in the harvest on his organic farm near here. He stopped to respond to two state emergencies – hail-caused crop damage in Gallatin County and the wildfire near Lolo – but otherwise he was focused on avoiding any loss of his own crop.

He’s gone through the same routine every August, and he said it allows him to keep congressional issues in perspective. He recently invited the Chronicle to join him for a day on the farm.

“I could maybe pay someone to do the work but what fun would that be?” said Tester, removing his cap to wipe the sweat out of his trademark buzz haircut.