Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Tester awards belated Purple Heart to Bozeman officer

Then a year ago or so, Klumb saw a video clip of one of his fellow soldiers receiving a Purple Heart from Sen. Jon Tester.

“I decided to contact him because I either wanted it because I earned it or I wanted it off my paperwork. I didn’t want people accusing me of claiming something I didn’t earn,” Klumb said.

On Friday, during a brief ceremony attended by friends, family and veterans outside the Bozeman Public Library, Tester was able to hand Klumb the honor that was denied almost a decade ago.

Nearby, eight members of various American Foreign Legion posts stood at attention while the American flag flew above a grove dedicated to SSgt. Travis Atkins, who was killed in Iraq in 2007.

“We need to make sure no act of heroism goes unnoticed,” Tester said. “Honoring Montana’s heroes is something I have had the privilege of and is something I take very seriously.”