When Montana faced a crisis, Rehberg jetted overseas

BILLINGS, Mont. – Congressman Dennis Rehberg broke his promise to serve Montanans in 2007 when he jetted off on a 12-day trip to Europe and South America while Montana battled raging wildfires.

As 1,800 wildfires scorched more than 800,000 acres of Montana, Rehberg got taxpayers and private organizations to pay for overseas trips to France, Argentina, Brazil and Chile–complete with luxury hotels and covered meals.

As Montanans lost homes and property, Rehberg had taxpayers cover his expenses at a cost of $1,367 in France. And he finagled a first-class upgrade on his trip to South America.

While in South America Rehberg cashed $5,692.27 in reimbursements for his trip–paid for by private organizations. [Rehberg Travel Expense Report, 9/20/07; MWTC Doc #42]

This isn’t the only time Rehberg has decided to irresponsibly leave Montana.

Last weekend Rehberg pulled out of a long-scheduled debate with Jon Tester in order to collect campaign checks at an out-of-state fundraiser.

During his 12 years in Congress, Rehberg has taken 15 trips to 34 countries on the taxpayers’ dime. Rehberg’s travels have cost the American taxpayers over $46,000–not including the undisclosed costs for Rehberg’s use of military air transportation to travel overseas.

Find details of Rehberg’s special interest-funded travel at rehbergair.com.

In all, Rehberg as Montana’s congressman has visited Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad, Tobago, Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria, Africa, Ireland, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, and Israel.