UPDATE FROM THE ROAD: Tester talks jobs and infrastructure along Hi-Line

After wrapping up his spring planting, Jon Tester this week visited communities across the “Hi Line” of northeastern Montana to talk jobs and infrastructure.

After a swing into Plentywood for a listening session Jon met with Montanans in Glasgow.

Tester and Nashua Mayor

Jon meets with Nashua Mayor Patricia Hallett

Near Wolf Point, Jon had an opportunity to check up on the Fort Peck/Dry Prairie Rural Water System, a project that will delivering clean drinking water to more than 50,000 Montanans.

Dry Prairie

Jon tours the Fort Peck/Dry Prairie Rural Water facility

Jon wrapped the day with a visit with students at the school in Poplar, and a meeting with the Fort Peck Tribal Council.

Ft Peck 1

Jon answers a question about how he lost the fingers on his left hand (answer: a meat grinder)


A young man in Poplar shows off his engine to a fellow car enthusiast