Tester’s latest TV spot addresses meaty issues

New ad highlights Tester’s values… and his Montana beef

BILLINGS, Mont. – Montana farmer Jon Tester is so proud of Montana beef, he butchers it himself and takes it with him on his 2,000-mile commute to work.

Tester’s practice caught the attention of one of the world’s largest newspapers earlier this year. And now it’s the subject of the latest TV ad by Tester’s U.S. Senate campaign.

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The 30-second TV spot begins airing across Montana Thursday. It follows Tester as he packs a roller-cooler full of steaks and ground beef at his third-generation farm (appropriately named “T-Bone Farms”) near Big Sandy, Mont. Tester carries the beef through airport security all the way to Washington, where his wife Sharla prepares hamburgers.

Of course, the commercial itself addresses meatier issues than just beef. It highlights Tester’s record of cutting the deficit, making college more affordable, protecting Social Security, Medicare and gun rights, honoring veterans “and making the U.S. Senate look a little more like Montana.”

In a January profile, the New York Times noted that during flights to Washington, Tester “can often be found lugging an extra 40-pound roller bag, which he gingerly stuffs into the overhead bin. His precious cargo is neither briefing books nor an extra raincoat, but roasts, ribs, round steak and (his favorite) rib steak.”

The Montana Beef ad is the fourth TV commercial produced by Montanans for Tester. Earlier this month Tester’s campaign launched ads featuring Tester addressing a town hall meeting and a Montanan praising Tester’s work as an effective leader on veterans’ issues. Tester’s first commercial profiled his work on his farm.


Ad – “Montana Beef – Montana Proud”

Documentation online HERE


NARRATOR: “Jon Tester doesn’t pack much when he goes back to Washington, but he always brings his Montana roots. In Washington, Jon’s standing up for Montana values: reducing the deficit, making sure kids can afford to go to college, protecting Social Security and Medicare, protecting the Second Amendment, taking care of veterans. And making the U.S. Senate look a little more like Montana.”

JON TESTER: “I’m Jon Tester and I approve this message. I approve Sharla’s cooking too.”