Tester highlights priorities of second Senate term

September 5, 2012

MISSOULA, Mont.—Montana farmer Jon Tester is highlighting the priorities of a second term in the U.S. Senate, building on his record of responsibly cutting the deficit, creating jobs, and serving Montanans.

In a speech Wednesday to the Missoula Rotary Club, Tester renewed his commitment to cut debt and cut spending with a bipartisan plan that protects Medicare and Social Security.

Tester wants to simplify the tax code to protect middle-class tax relief and get rid of “tax earmarks” that corporations use to send American jobs overseas.

Tester also pointed out that passing the Senate’s bipartisan Farm Bill and ending taxpayer-funded handouts for Big Oil companies would significantly cut the deficit.

Knowing that energy independence is key to job creation and national security, Tester is renewing his pledge to responsibly develop all of Montana’s energy resources, investing in a real “all of the above” strategy that responsibly develops coal, gas, oil, wind, biomass, biofuel, solar and geothermal resources.

The Montana farmer is also revamping efforts to pass his popular Forest Jobs and Recreation Act to create jobs in Montana’s forests through responsible forest management.

Tester will help bring jobs back to Montana by creating new opportunities for small businesses and restoring America’s “manufacturing base.”

Tester highlighted his record of serving Montana—his work honoring veterans, passing a Postal Service reform bill and a bipartisan Farm Bill.  But he said “there’s more work to do” expanding job opportunities for veterans, fighting for women’s access to health care and equal pay, and increase access to mental health care for veterans.

“The bottom line is we can accomplish all of these things: cutting debt and spending, creating jobs and improving public service,” Tester said. “But in Congress we need to do it the same way Montana was built: Working together. Doing what’s best for people. Not special interests. As your senator, I look forward to being a champion for Montana values in the months ahead.”