Senator Tester holds rally in Great Falls

KFBB Great Falls

With just over a month left before elections, dozens of people came out to support Jon Tester in his reelection campaign for Montana State Senator. Virginia Senator Jim Webb introduced Tester to the crowd saying he is a man of his word and tells it like it is. Tester’s focus tonight while mingling among his fans is veteran’s issues. Tester says, “we’ve got second highest per capita number of veterans in the country, 110,000 out of our total population. We’ve got a lot of folks who have served this country and we need to live up to the promises that we made to them”.

The second key issue of the night that Tester wished to address was responsible decision making in all areas, not just veterans issues. Tester took some questions from the crowd including addressing his opponent’s campaign commercial accusing Tester of voting in favor of the death tax which he denies saying the other party is just looking for a way to win.

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