Rehberg’s first TV ad criticizes ‘dishonest attacks’… then makes up headlines

Congressman’s attack follows lead of his secretive corporate allies

BILLINGS, Mont. – Taking a page out of the playbook of his secretly funded corporate allies, Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s new TV ad criticizes “dishonest attacks” before pulling facts and news headlines facts out of thin air.

The new attack ad is Rehberg’s first Senate campaign commercial. A full fact-check is online HERE.

“Congressman Dennis Rehberg doesn’t have real facts or headlines to back up his claims so he did what he does best—he just invented his own,” said Tester campaign spokesman Aaron Murphy.

In fact, Rehberg’s ad features six news headlines that have never appeared in any news publication.

The multimillionaire Congressman is under fire for voting to raise his pay five times after promising Montanans he would never give himself—or accept—pay raises.

Rather than take responsibility for his votes, Rehberg’s ad instead blames Tester with the inaccurate, made-up headline: “Tester votes to raise own pay.”

“The only truth in Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s ad is the part that features Jon Tester talking about the need for honest leadership—something Jon has delivered with the highest ethics standards in Congress,” Murphy said. “Congressman Rehberg promised Montanans he would never vote to give himself a raise, then voted five times to raise his own pay. That’s about as dishonest as it gets.”

Tester this week launched a new ad highlighting his unprecedented record of transparency and accountability in the U.S. Senate.

Dennis Rehberg’s corporate allies, including the secretive Crossroads GPS, have already spent more than $2 million on ads attacking Tester. One ad was so false, a Montana cable company pulled it off the air.