Rehberg: ‘I was also a teenage lobbyist’

Congressman’s life revolves around lobbying, not ranching

BILLINGS, Mont.—Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s career is so centered around lobbying, he admits to having been a “teenage lobbyist” who “grew up in the environment of lobbying.”

Rehberg made the revealing remarks in a newly released recording of a speech to the American League of Lobbyists, an organization devoted to protecting the interests of lobbyists.

I was also a teenage lobbyist and I got into lobbying accidentally,” Rehberg admitted to the organization.  “I came out of college and wasn’t ready to take over the family ranch… I kind of grew up in the environment of lobbying as well.  I respect the profession.”

The newly released recording prompted another out-of-state organization to come to Rehberg’s defense today with a new false TV commercial. HERE is a fact-check of the new ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee—the same group that made national headlines last year for using a made-up photo of Tester.

In the same speech, Rehberg admits he would have preferred a career in lobbying over his 12-year career in Congress.

“If I had been smart I would have said, ‘nope, no, I think I’ll stay out of the political arena and go into lobbying,’” Rehberg said.  “Lobbying is an honorable profession.”

“Dennis Rehberg admits he’s a longtime lobbyist, not a rancher,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Congressman Rehberg’s own words speak volumes about what he wants to bring to the U.S. Senate—more favors for lobbyists and their special interests.  Montana deserves better.”

Special interest groups have spent more than $5 million dollars on Rehberg’s behalf this election.

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