Rehberg dismissed affordable college tax credit

Voted against tax credit for 25,000 Montana families and individuals

BILLINGS, Mont. – Multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is dealing with his opposition to college tuition tax credits while trying to convince Montana students he’s on their side.

Rehberg tried to deny families and students the ability to write off a portion of their tuition by voting against the the American Opportunity Tax Credit in 2009 and 2010. [CQ Bill Analysis HR 1; HR 1, Vote 70, 2/13/09] [HR 4853, Vote 647, 12/17/10]

Jon Tester supported the tax credit which helped 25,000 Montana families and individuals receive an average rebate of $1,900 on tuition costs and fees in 2011–$49,000,000 total in Montana.

Rehberg offered up his personal beliefs on tuition assistance in 2011 when he called Pell Grants “welfare.”

“Jon Tester understands making college more affordable is an essential part of moving our economy forward and building a strong foundation for Montana’s future,” said Motanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy. “Meanwhile, multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg has characterized tuition assistance as unnecessary with his deep cuts to student loans, his opposition to tuition-based tax credits and his belief Pell Grants are ‘welfare.'”