Rehberg breaks another promise, backs out of Whitefish debate

June 24 debate will proceed without Dennis Rehberg

BILLINGS, Mont. – Montanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy tonight released the following statement after word that despite confirming his participation months ago, Congressman Dennis Rehberg now plans to avoid debating Montana farmer Jon Tester and Libertarian candidate Dan Cox on Sunday, June 24, at 9 a.m. MDT in Whitefish, Mont.—hosted by the Montana Broadcasters Association:

“This isn’t the first broken promise from Congressman Dennis Rehberg, who gave himself five pay raises after telling Montanans he never would.  On the morning of June 24, as Congressman Rehberg hides from Montanans, Jon will be highlighting his record of fighting for Montana values, making responsible decisions and defending our freedoms.  Jon will also highlight Congressman Rehberg’s failed record—without him.” -Campaign Spokesman Aaron Murphy

Tester confirmed participation in the traditional June 24 debate seven months ago, and reconfirmed the date and time again in February, March and May.  The Montana Broadcasters Association says the debate will go on as as planned, with Tester and Cox.

Despite Rehberg’s new claim that he has was “never notified” about the debate, the Montana Television Network reports that it “has seen an internal memo from the Montana Broadcasters Association that says the group began working with the Rehberg campaign on the debate date and time seven months ago.”