Politwoops! Rehberg’s drone -spying claim ‘isn’t true’

Rehberg cried foul, now has egg on his face

BILLINGS, Mont. – Politwoops!  Congressman Dennis Rehberg got caught misleading Montanans yet again with a claim that the government is “using unmanned drones to monitor farms and ranches.”

According to the Washington Post, Rehberg’s claim “has been repeated in TV segments, on multiple blogs and by at least [three other] congressmen.”

“The only trouble is, [Rehberg’s claim] isn’t true,” the Post adds.

Rehberg on June 6 event sent an angry letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, saying “American citizens should not have to worry that at any moment the government could be monitoring them without their knowledge or consent.”

As of Monday, Rehberg’s letter is available online HERE.

Rehberg, who supported the privacy-invading Patriot Act five times, went on to say that the “EPA is threatening to undermine” privacy.

The Washington Post, however, reports that even ranchers don’t know how Rehberg’s rumor started, noting that the story generated significant, misleading buzz on conservative websites.

“Once again Congressman Dennis Rehberg is being unfaithful with the truth,” said Montanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy.  “From falsely claiming he’s a rancher to breaking promises not to increase his own pay, this is another example of Dennis Rehberg misleading Montanans.”