MUST READ: Wall Street Journal slams Rehberg

June 27, 2012

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a scathing, must-read editorial slamming Congressman Dennis Rehberg for calling himself an “independent thinker”—noting that “neither word is true.”

Click HERE to read the piece.  Some highlights:

 “[Rehberg’s] claim to independence is a vote for Beltway business as usual on entitlements, which makes him another wildebeest in the herd that has created trillion-dollar deficits.”

“Better to let Mr. Tester keep the seat, if only for truth in advertising.”

As Congressman Rehberg tries to redefine himself in his TV ads, we will continue to point out that he is never independent from special interests.

During his career in Congress, Congressman Rehberg has enjoyed 13 luxury trips funded by lobbyists and other special interests—wining and dining at resort destinations in Italy, China and South America.  Full details are online at

Mr. Rehberg also aligned himself with special interests by endorsing the Supreme Court’s unpopular Citizens United decision, which allows special interests to spend unlimited, secret money to bankroll Rehberg’s political campaign.

Those corporate special interests are just returning the favor to Rehberg, who has voted repeatedly to encourage big companies to send American jobs overseas.