MEA-MFT Release: MEA-MFT COPE votes to recommend Jon Tester

Members of MEA-MFT’s political action committee (called MEA-MFT COPE) have voted unanimously to recommend Jon Tester for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

MEA-MFT represents more than 18,000 Montana k-12 teachers, school support staff, higher education faculty, county and state employees, Head Start educators, and health care workers.

MEA-MFT COPE members reviewed Tester’s voting record and his positions on issues, comparing them to his opponent, Congressman Dennis Rehberg.

“There’s no question that Jon Tester is the right candidate on our issues,” said Charlie Martin, a COPE member in Billings who works as a probation and parole officer.

“He’s right on education, right on public services, right on jobs, and right on the rights of working people to bargain collectively. He has a strong track record on all these issues.”

“Jon believes in public education,” said Kate McAuliffe, a COPE member and teacher in Billings. “He knows it’s the cornerstone of our democracy and economic development. He knows we need a highly educated workforce if we’re ever going to rebuild our economy. Plus, Jon’s a former teacher and school board member himself — and a father and grandfather. He’s very aware of the unique issues in Montana schools. He has fought to replace the top-down No Child Left Behind law with a school improvement plan that works for Montana and rural America.”

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