KPAX: Missoula women find entrepreneurial spirit

A little bit of motivation was all it took to make dozens of women into entrepreneurs in Missoula on Tuesday.

Montana’s economy may not be at it peak but the women we talked with are determined to push it there.

“I think you can make your own opportunities,” said participant Jessie Ellis, “man or woman, you just have to follow your heart.”

The Women’s Small Business Workshop took to Missoula for most of Tuesday and the ladies there were full of enthusiasm.

“I hope I come away with a better idea of how to finish up my business plan and to be successful and create opportunities I want for myself and for my business,” said Ellis.

Senator Jon Tester says the high energy is exactly what he hoped for when putting on the event. He thinks Montana’s women have a great opportunity to revitalize the economy.

“Hopefully stay in business, expand, employ more people and add to our economy,” said Tester.

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