Helena Independent Record: Tester tells Hamilton boy with missing fingers he ‘can be anything’

Ethan MacPherson was born missing three fingers on his left hand.

The 7-year-old knows firsthand the challenges of being different.

On Friday morning, another person with missing fingers came to MacPherson’s class to let him know that it doesn’t mean that he can’t dream big.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester made the trip to Hamilton specifically to talk face to face with the youngster and his classmates.

Tester read the class a book and answered a few questions from the youngsters, including how do you hold that book without fingers.

“You just do it,” Tester said.

And when he was done visiting with the class, the senator had young MacPherson escort him to door.

On the way there, the two sat down in the hallway and on a small desk placed their hands side by side.

With a smile on his face, Tester looked straight into Ethan’s eyes and told the youngster that his disability doesn’t change a thing about where his life might take him.

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