FACT CHECK: Rehberg’s firefighter lawsuit was about the money

Congressman’s new  ad a ‘lie about lawsuit that should have never happened’

‘Rehberg doesn’t take responsibility for anything’

BILLINGS, Mont. – Dennis Rehberg’s latest TV ad—a false defense of his own unpopular lawsuit against Billings residents—is another reminder that the 12-year Congressman “doesn’t take responsibility for anything.”

Rehberg’s new ad falsely claims his 2010 lawsuit was “not against firefighters and not for money.”

FALSE.  Rehberg’s lawsuit (online HERE) specifically sought “monetary damages” for the “negligence of the Billings Fire Department.”

In fact, Billings firefighters saved lives and prevented a wildfire from destroying homes on Rehberg’s high-end housing development near Billings.  Rehberg’s lawsuit, dropped because it had no merit, cost Billings taxpayers $21,000 in legal fees.

“Dennis Rehberg’s TV ad is a lie about a lawsuit that should have never happened, and Dennis Rehberg only has himself to blame,” said Ed Cleary, President of Montana State Fireman’s Association.  “Montanans know Congressman Rehberg doesn’t take responsibility for anything.  We deserve senators who hold themselves accountable to all Montanans.”

Cleary is one of the many firefighters who have publicly criticized Rehberg for failing to take responsibility for his own lawsuit.  Retired Billings firefighter Tim Bergstrom appears in THIS Montanans for Tester TV ad.

Montana farmer Jon Tester reminded Billings residents that Rehberg’s lawsuit sought monetary damages during their first televised debate earlier this week.

“That’s not working together,” Tester said.  “That’s not building the State of Montana. That’s not moving your community forward.”

A full fact check of Rehberg’s new TV ad is online HERE.