Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Tester: U.S. government in gridlock, but that will change

Our country has been around for centuries — and it hasn’t come this far by being in constant gridlock, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester said Thursday.

“It has ebbed and flowed in our history,” he said during an interview with the, Chronicle’s editorial board. “We’re in a period of obstructionism — no ifs, ands or buts about that. But I’m optimistic it’s going to change.”

Rep. Denny Rehberg, who is challenging Tester for his Senate seat, visited the, Chronicle last week. He said Congress isn’t necessarily dysfunctional, but that Americans are now “seeing the sausage made” more than they ever have before.

But Tester said he thinks Congress is broken, “and not because we’ve got a 24-hour news cycle.”

“It’s broken because we’ve got people out there who think they win politically by being obstructionists,” Tester, a Democrat, said.

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