Politico: Denny Rehberg: Health law cuts a ‘super’ idea

A top House Republican says he has an idea for how the supercommittee can reach its entire $1.2 trillion savings goal with two simple cuts from the health care reform law.

Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana, chairman of the House Appropriations Labor-Health and Human Services subcommittee, is proposing cutting the law’s Medicaid expansion and subsidies to help consumers buy insurance.

Together, he said, the proposals would likely raise enough to cover the supercommittee’s $1.2 trillion target.

“Eliminating these new programs is the quickest, clearest and most common sense path to meeting the committee’s goal,” Rehberg wrote in a letter to the supercommittee. He argues that the programs haven’t been implemented yet, so no benefits would be “taken away.”

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