Montana Standard: Wolf rider measured, proper

Recently, Judge Donald Molloy ruled that the Tester/Simpson wolf delisting rider was constitutional. His ruling was a major step forward in returning the management of wolves to the state of Montana. Although we must remain cautiously optimistic, this is great news for wildlife conservation and all Montanans. Sadly, there are still some who continue to distort the facts regarding this legislative solution to an extremely complex problem.

Let’s set the record straight. Regardless of your political persuasion, credit goes to Sen. Jon Tester. He, assisted by Sen. Max Baucus, developed the language included in H.R. 1473, a federal funding bill. Credit also goes Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, who placed identical language in the House version along with limiting the law from judicial review.

Together, these legislators crafted a solution that permits wolves to be managed in Idaho and Montana while maintaining the integrity of the Endangered Species Act. We would note that Congressman Rehberg voted against H.R. 1473 and against delisting wolves.

In fact, when MWF staff met with the congressman’s staff in September of 2010, MWF urged him to advance legislation that was similar in scope to Simpson/Tester, and simply delist wolves through congressional fiat. We opposed any precedent setting attempt to amend the ESA especially given the overwhelming support it has nationwide.

The Tester/Simpson delisting rider was a necessary, measured and entirely appropriate action designed to bring conclusion to the never ending legal battles related to wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The science is crystal clear: Wolves have recovered.

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