Montana Kaimin: Tester Says Pell Grants, biomass are keys to Montana’s growth

During a visit to The University of Montana campus Wednesday, Sen. Jon Tester emphasized Pell Grants as the key to making education affordable for students at Montana’s two and four-year schools and universities.

Maintaining affordable education is crucial for the state’s economy, Tester said.

“There [are] two things that I think move this economy forward over the long haul. One is physical infrastructure … and the other is human infrastructure,” Tester said during an interview with the Montana Kaimin. “The mind is a great thing. We’ve got to make sure we train it.”

Even in a tough economic climate, Montanans with tenacity and a certificate or degree can find work in fields across the state, Tester said.

“There are a lot of jobs out there, but you’ve got to be trained in the right field to do it,” he said, citing health care and craftsmanship, despite the housing market drop.

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