Missoulian: LTE: Denny Rehberg: Strange idea of fiscal discipline

Recently Rep. Denny Rehberg voted to continue subsidies to the oil companies and to continue to fund the infamous Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere” earmark.

It is not enough for Rehberg that we already protect the oil company’s investments with the blood and limbs of our brave solders; he wants them to continue to give our tax dollars as well to some of the the richest companies in the world. These oil companies already make billions of dollars in profits and will make billions more with the recent spike in oil prices while largely managing to avoid paying any U.S. taxes whatsoever on their profits.

To Rehberg, fiscal discipline apparently means cutting out school lunches for school kids, cutting benefits to teachers and other public employees, stopping aid to keep the poor and elderly from freezing to death in their homes, and unfunding conservation programs that make our country worth living in.