Missoulian: Denny Rahberg: Congressman has skewed priorities

I see where Rep. Denny Rehberg has announced, “I’d like to punish those systems that rip the taxpayers off” (Billings Gazette, Sept. 28) in calling for a thorough investigation of (remotely) possible abuses of the free school lunch program, which could perhaps amount to as much as a few thousand dollars a year in the state of Montana.

Oddly enough, given his proclaimed zeal for fighting corruption and fraud, Rehberg has shown absolutely no interest in investigating the disappearance of over $6 billion in the early stages of the Iraq reconstruction or the possible fraud by defense contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as widespread fraud here in the U.S amounting to millions or billions of dollars.

Always nice to know where his priorities are as he mounts a campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Richard A. Sattler, Missoula

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