Lone Peak Lookout: Helping them heal: Wounded warriors welcomed to events in Big Sky, Bozeman

After being injured in battle, many soldiers who return home have the difficult task of rehabilitating. They must adapt to their new lives, now with physical and emotional wounds that can sometimes inhibit their ability to do the things they used to, not to mention the ability to take on new activities they may have hoped to learn.

Several years ago Bozeman resident Linda Kelly started Operation Never Forgotten, a program that gives soldiers with physical and invisible wounds opportunities to pursue new passions right here in southwest Montana.

This year the organization contacted existing rebound programs through hospitals across the country about the country, and found 48 soldiers and from across the country and their families to participate in Operation SAS, Sports, Afield and Stream Adventures for Warriors with Physical and Invisible Wounds.

The program was held Jan. 7 through 11 in the Bozeman and Big Sky areas.

A community banquet held at Big Sky Resort on Friday, Jan. 7 kicked off the adventure. It was a way to connect the public with the soldier guests and welcome the soldiers to the community.

Sen. Jon Tester made a special guest appearance at the event, thanking the soldiers and their families for their service.

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