KXLF: Bozeman biotech entrepreneur testifies on Capitol Hill

A Bozeman biotech entrepreneur testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday about getting more financial help for high-growth startup businesses.

Dr. Robert Bargatzee started Ligocyte Pharmaceuticals in 1998.The Bozeman-based company develops vaccines and is considered a high-growth startup because it’s a small business that has significant potential for job creation.

Bargatze spoke to a Senate Banking Subcommittee on the need for more access to venture capital in Montana. He says the state’s location makes it difficult to get investors to spend money.

“Once we get them there, they’re truly excited because they see we have great things going on and great technologies at the universities. There’s a lot of opportunities for startups in the state,” Bargatze said. “There is no ‘beaten path’ for small companies like ours to follow. Instead, we have to break new ground, both in our science and in our search for funding.”

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