KPAX: Tester hosts business workshop at UM

MISSOULA – Small business owners from all over Montana met with Senator Jon Tester and a panel of experts to find out what tools they need to grow their businesses on Wednesday.

“Small businesses are the main economic driver in the state of Montana. They are what makes this economy go and so they’re very very important to the economy, it’s very very important we have a vibrant small business climate and that’s really what this workshops about, giving folks the tools that they need to go out and survive thrive and expand,” said Tester.

The Democrat added that just about every business in the state is considered a “small business.” He says it’s important to bring people together to make those businesses grow.

“It’s about giving opportunity and ideas to small businesses so that they can succeed and be profitable and hire more people.”

Tester says workshops like this are a great way to hear from people who’ve made businesses out of nothing. He says making connections can really benefit small business owners.

“You gotta work hard you gotta keep the faith, you gotta network with people, and you gotta have good partnerships and you’ve gotta make sure that you just continue to work work and have a vision for where you want to go,” Tester told us.

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