KFBB: Vietnam Veteran Officially Receives Purple Heart

Nearly forty years has passed since the end of the Vietnam conflict. Monday a Great Falls man received recognition for his actions there.

“Sometimes the Purple Heart is never awarded. But quite frankly, it is in this particular case awarded but never put in the files,” said Senator Jon Tester at a ceremony Monday morning.

Marv “Doc” Brewster served as a field corpsman in Vietnam. He was wounded in combat in April 1966 and received the Purple Heart. But the citation was never added into his record, causing problems with Veterans Affairs. Senator Tester’s office helped get the paperwork straightened out, leading to Brewster being awarded his citation.

“It’s important we get the record straightened up,” said Tester. “It’s important we do right by our veterans that serve this country, and this is just a grateful nation saying “Thank you” albeit a bit late.”

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