KFBB: Man Fights Wrongful Foreclosure With Senator Tester’s Help

What would you do if you were about to lose your house but had no idea why and who would you turn to? Those are just a few of the questions one East Helena man was forced to face in the wake of a personal tragedy.

“I’ll be forever grateful to him because I wouldn’t have the house today,” says Jim Ahern.

If it weren’t for U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D) Jim Ahern would be homeless. “People that pay their bills, people who are honest, people who worked their whole lifetime and built this country, shouldn’t be kicked out of their home because somebody doesn’t do their job in one of these banking firms,” says Senator Tester.

Because Senator Tester held the head-honchos at Bank of America accountable, Ahern still has a place to call home. “They couldn’t back out of it, we had ’em” adds Tester.

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