Havre Daily News: Baucus, Tester weigh in on debt ceiling

The debt-ceiling debate continues to rage in Washington, with Montana’s two U. S. senators makings statements Thursday about an effective way to deal with the budget deficit and national debt, and about the impacts of not raising the debt ceiling.

The Senate voted down a House-approved bill known as Cut, Cap and Balance, which tied raising the debt ceiling to cutting and capping spending and requiring Congress to send a balanced budget amendment to the states for a vote.

Montana’s Rep. Denny Rehberg, a Republican who is facing Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester in the 2012 election‚ voted for and endorsed the bill in the House vote. Rehberg was a cosponsor of the bill.

Tester and Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., both voted against the bill.

Economists and officials of the administration of President Barack Obama have warned that if the debt ceiling is not increased, allowing the country to borrow more money, the United States soon may have to stop paying some of its bills.

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