Great Falls Tribune: Top trade group rules against country-of-origin labels

The world’s top trade body ruled Friday that U.S. country-of-origin labels on cattle and hog exports from Canada and Mexico violate international rules, a move that could lower prices on those exports.

In late 2009, the Geneva-based World Trade Organization opened an investigation into U.S. labeling rules at the request of Canada and Mexico…

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., who has advocated for country-of-origin labeling in the past, said in a statement that he expects an appeal.

“I expect this decision to be appealed as soon as possible because it completely misses the mark,” Tester said. “COOL is an American law, and foreign and multinational meatpackers shouldn’t be allowed to keep information hidden from American consumers. Montana families have every right to know where our food comes from, we value transparency and choice in the marketplace, and the WTO had better get on board.”

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