Great Falls Tribune: Tester, Rehberg both back insider-trading bills

Political rivals Democratic Sen. Jon Tester and Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg have taken the same side in a recent movement in response to claims that congressional members and their staffs improperly use inside information to trade stocks.

Both are now sponsors of legislation banning the practice.

“Members of Congress are public servants who should be serving the public, not themselves,” Tester said.

He joined forces Wednesday with Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York to introduce legislation that would disallow members of Congress and their staffs to make money in the stock market based off information only available to Congress.

The measure also would make it a violation for senators to give information to someone else if they knew it would be used to make purchases on the stock market. The bill also would require “political intelligence consultants,” who monitor legislation to see how it might impact specific stocks, to register as lobbyists.

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