Great Falls Tribune: Rehberg still working to defund health care

WASHINGTON — Denny Rehberg has been told that his proposal to defund the sweeping health care law President Barack Obama signed last year would add billions of dollars to the federal deficit and prevent senior citizens from using the Medicare Advantage program. He also was told that it has no chance of getting past the Democrats who run the Senate.

No matter. The Montana Republican and his fellow GOP lawmakers are committed to euthanizing “Obamacare,” as Republicans dubbed the law, because they believe it represents an overreaching, unaffordable use of federal power, and because that is what they say the voters elected them to do.

“It’s a national problem that needs a national solution,” Rehberg said of health care. “We’re just trying to reason with the members of the Senate that we believe that this is not going to work out the way they want it to, and I think we have the American public on our side on this.”

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