Great Falls Tribune: Congressmen refuse to work together, don’t solve problems

Congress has an important decision to make this week: Either work together to responsibly cut spending and keep our government working, or refuse and let our government shut down.

Across our state and across the country, we are seeing politicians draw lines in the sand. They’re refusing to negotiate a credible, long-term plan that will really balance our budget and get our arms around the debt.

Ten years ago, this nation enjoyed a $128 billion budget surplus. But in one year, in 2001, Congress squandered it all away.

Now after years of reckless spending and racking up record debt with zero transparency, some members of our U.S. House of Representatives are desperately trying to convince Montanans that they’ve suddenly found fiscal religion. And they want us to believe that this country’s spending problem will go away simply by passing symbolic resolutions and gimmicks.

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