Daily Reporter: Tester says situation in Afghanistan is improving, believes troops can leave Iraq this year

HELENA, Mont. — U.S. Sen. Jon Tester said Friday during a visit to Afghanistan that progress is being made in the difficult region but a lot of work remains.

Tester was wrapping up a trip that took him to Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan this week to visit with military leaders and local officials amid mounting pressure to end an increasingly unpopular war.

The Democrat said he thinks the U.S. can start pulling troops out of Afghanistan in July and troops can be expected to be done in Iraq by year’s end, as the Obama administration has said it wants.

Afghanistan remains the more difficult situation.

Many consider the creation of a stable government in Afghanistan key to U.S. plans to exit the war. An additional 30,000 combat troops were sent to that country last year in an effort to improve security so basic services like electricity and education can be built.

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